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I enjoy a great cup of coffee. Actually, I love it so much that I begin most mornings with a hot cup of java. For me, this simple act creates a moment for me to check in with myself, and start my day from the “inside out” instead of the “outside in”. In other words, I’m working on slowing down, listening to my body and staying in the present, rather than mindlessly clicking away on Facebook, scrolling through Instagram, or getting fired up about world events.

Creating this time is actually a challenge for me. I brew a great cup of coffee, (according to me), but somehow, I was always drinking it cold, or heating up my one cup 4 times throughout the day. It wasn’t until I became a new mom that I actually realized what I was missing. I had learned how much my first few sips of hot coffee meant to me, and how much drinking a cup of coffee while it was still hot mattered to me. I know this may sound crazy, but these simple acts of self-care really helped me deal with the busyness of my day. Taking some “mama minutes”, as I like to call them, has given me more energy for my family and my clients, and I can focus on what they need instead of on the distractions of the day.

If you’re not used to caring for yourself, it might be difficult to identify your “cup of coffee”. Here are some ideas:

What makes you happy? Like me, you might like a quiet cup of hot coffee. Perhaps you prefer a jog in the park, or quality time with a pet. Other self-care options might be getting enough quality sleep, spending time in nature or taking a yoga class. Your self-care routine can be anything that allows you to be present and in the moment. It’s just for you—not for other people.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your moment. I had identified one of my self-care routines, but until I gave myself permission to take time for it, I was still drinking cold coffee. Give yourself permission to enjoy your moment. Remember—you’re worth it!

Be consistent. To be consistent, you may need to carve out “you time” in your schedule. If you’re still struggling with consistency, take a second look at your self-care activity. It may take too much time, or it may just not be quite right for you. For me, several times a week, I wake up 20 minutes earlier, before the rest of my family, to enjoy my mama minutes and my coffee and this provides me enough calmness for the day ahead.

We can help. If you’re having trouble creating your self-care time, we can help. Many people have discovered massage therapy as a great self-care option. For them, massage therapy is a healthy break that alleviates stress, helps them slow down and enhances their wellbeing. To learn more about our massage therapy services and our clinic, contact us, or call us at 778-484-2022.


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