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As a new client of KLWNA Health & Wellness, the first step is to fill out our Health History form, which you can download here.

When We Meet

Your First Massage Therapy Visit

Once your form has been filled out and submitted, we’ll go over the details during your initial appointment. This is so we can have a full understanding of your past medical history and to discuss any past treatments, results, and any other important information that will help us begin to build a curated massage therapy plan.

No Two Patients Are Alike

Each injury or experience is different, and each patient is treated individually with techniques, advice, and exercises that make sense for them.

We’ll work to bring you into the process from day one, advising you on how we can make significant progress and we’ll give you the knowledge and the tools to help you take control of your health and wellness journey. Our treatment plans typically involve in-facility RMT sessions with advice for at-home exercise that can be done to help shorten recovery times or deal with between-session discomfort. We may also advise on equipment, apply or teach taping techniques, and suggest a variety of other methods to help your body return to equilibrium.

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